Who we are. And why we made a game. If you're interested.


Hello! We are the Hallidays, founders of Hunnyball. That's us in front of the wet rocks. Brothers Zach, Kevin, and Nick. Dad (Jim) and, the best of us, Mom (Kathleen). Not pictured - our inappropriate love of games.

Nick's the creator. Jim's the CEO. Zach and Kevin try their best. And Kathleen makes us look good. Together we make a very close knit corporate unit - a family, you might say.

Hunnyball (not Honeyball!) was born from a combination of games Nick used to lose at when we were kids. Named after our dog, Hunny, because we are super creative.

After building a prototype and playing together with some friends, we all felt we had something really cool - something we wanted to share. So here we are, sharing it! Our hope is that Hunnyball can give families, friends, and maybe even strangers, some of the same fun-filled memories that games have given us over the past 20-odd years.



Hunnyball contributes a portion of every set sold to non-profit pet rescue organizations. Our family dog, and the game's namesake, Hunny, was a rescue - and we're proud to share our success with pets in need.