This should only take a few minutes. Then it's time to learn how to play.



If your set just arrived, or if you're a responsible Hunnyball owner, your board should be closed before play starts.

Find a spot with enough space to play. Keep in mind the playing field takes up an area around 15 yards long and 10 yards wide.

Be careful to only open up your board on sand, grass, or some other non-skid surface. If you open it up on a smooth floor, like hardwood, you risk scratching the floor or damaging your board.

Once you've found a good spot, undo the straps holding the board closed, and open up the kickstand.

The angle at which you open the kickstand determines the loft of the bounce. We recommend starting at around a 90 degree angle.

To hold your board at your angle of choice, use the kickstand stabilizer. Loop it through the holes at the bottom of the main board, and bottom of the kickstand, and lock it in place. You might tie a knot in the end to help it stay put.

Once you get the hang of it, feel free to try out some different angles.

That's it for the board. Now, time to set up the boundaries. The final product should look like this:

You should have two black baseline straps. Each strap has three holes in it - one for the board, one for the crease, and one for the outfield (these are officially called grommets, but no one knows that, so let's just call them holes). The holes at either end are for the outfield and board, respectively. The hole in the "middle" is for the crease. The end-hole closer to the crease connects to the board.

Find the screws located on the bottom corners of the backside of the board. There should be one screw in each corner. Anchor each baseline strap to the board by looping the grommet at the end around a screw. Then, walk each strap out to form the baselines of the playing field. We recommend the angle of the baselines be a little less steep than the angle of the wings. A good test to see if you've got it right is to throw a serve off each wing and see if it lands in bounds (it should). Though, like the angle of the board, the angle of the baselines can be whatever you like.

You should have two blue ropes. The shorter one is the crease, the longer one is the outfield. Connect the two ends of the crease to the corresponding holes in the baseline (the ones closer to the board). Do the same for the outfield (but with the other holes). Walk each of these out to form an arc.

You should have two Hunnyball balls. Use the pump to inflate the balls to your desired level of bounciness. Inflating the balls around 80% - 90% should offer good bounce, and maintain catch-ability. If it's cold out, you'll probably need to pump them up a bit more to get a good bounce. You may notice that on first inflation, the balls might take a bit of an oval-like shape. They should settle into a nice sphere after a few minutes of usage.

And that's it! The field is set. You're now ready to learn how to play.