FAQs - General

How is Hunnyball constructed?

Your Hunnyball set is made from high quality Baltic Birch plywood, precision cut on a computer controlled router. Baltic Birch is a higher grade plywood than you typically find at a home improvement store, and was chosen to provide a very stiff board with a lower overall weight. Coupled with the precise angles and unique construction of the wingstops, a Hunnyball board provides a consistent bounce for the ball across the center board and the wings, making the game as exciting as it is.

Can I leave my Hunnyball set outside?

While your Hunnyball set is sealed to protect it from both the sun (UV rays) and rain/moisture, and it uses exterior grade adhesive in the Baltic Birch plywood, we do not recommend storing it outside when not in play. We recommend storing your set in a garage, basement or other covered/dry space.  In the end, it's wood, and to maximize it's lifespan and beauty it should not be left out in the rain and snow.

Can I play Hunnyball near the water?

Yes, absolutely. Playing at the beach is one of the best places to play Hunnyball. However, we don't recommend placing your Hunnyball set where it will get hit by waves or be submerged in water. If you want to place it on the shoreline and put the boundaries facing the water, you can have the playing field extend into the water, though you probably want to draw sidelines in the sand instead of the ones we include. Excessive moisture can shorten the lifespan of your Hunnyball set.

How many people can play Hunnyball?

Short answer - 2v2 (4 players) is the most common format, but you can play as many as you want.

Longer answer - Hunnyball was designed to play 2v2, but we've seen groups have fun with 3v3 or even more. 3v3 is especially fun for younger players (typically 12 and under). We also recommend changing the width of the boundaries to fit different size groups. And if you have two Hunnyball sets, you can set them up facing each other, with the outer boundaries overlapping, and play 3v3 or 4v4 with two places to throw your Hunnyball.

Which of the Hunnyball co-founders is the best?

No contest.... Dad's blazing speed, superior arm strength, strategic prowess and ability to fake the five-hole miss shows the wisdom of his years, and means he wins the most.

FAQs - Rules

Can you play defense on the person shooting?

No, you cannot stand in front of the person shooting, providing they declare "shooting" out loud. Once they declare they will shoot they are not alloed to pass to their teammate, and they get a clear shot at the board. However before they declare that as their intent, you can play defence on them without initiating any contact.

What happens if I go out of bounds?

In general, you need to stay in bounds during game play. However, if you are running to catch the ball and your momentum carries you out of bounds after you catch it, you are allowed to return to where you left. At that point you can either pass or shoot, like normal.

But if you catch the ball out of bounds, you lose the point. (You should have just let it land there, silly!)

How many steps can I take with the ball?

Once you catch the ball, you are not allowed to run with it. You are only allowed to pivot on one foot...similar to basketball rules.

You only have about 5 seconds to pass or throw, and once you decide you can take one step with your non-pivot foot when you release the ball.

Is the boundary line "in" or "out"?

The outfield line (about 25 feet from the board) and the endlines (black straps that form the sidelines) are in bounds.  If the ball hits them, the team that hit the board wins the point.

However, the crease line is out of bounds. The crease is the curve line just a few feet from the board.

What happens if you get hit by the ball before it's caught?

Short answer: You lose the point.

Longer answer: You didn't move out of the way fast enough, so you lose the point.

Can you block the board when the other team has it?

Short answer: No

Long answer: No. You may not intentionally block the board.  If the ball hits you as you are moving through to defend, we recommend you replay the point. Also, reminder, if a player with the ball declares "shooting" - then you must ensure they have a clear path to the board so they can take aim. At that point they are not allowed to pass anymore.