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Applications Currently Closed

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Ambassador Program


  • Exclusive Discount on a Hunnyball Set
  • Free Carrying Bag
  • Free Hunnyball Swag (Hat and T-shirt)
  • Exclusive Access to Future Promotions and Events
  • Put it on your resume!

Earn Cash

  • Entry into Ambassador Competitions (Cash Prizes).
  • Personalized Discount code to share with your followers! (Earn money each time it is used)

Ambassador Competitions

There will be two competitions running simultaneously for about 3 months...

Sales Competition

  • The sales competition will be directly linked to the number of uses of each ambassadors personal discount code. The ambassadors that are the top 3 in sales will win cash prizes.

Social Media Competition

  • This competition will be linked to the number of views/likes that all ambassadors social media posts about Hunnyball receive. Like the sales competition, the top 3 ambassadors with the most likes/views will win cash prizes.

More details about the competitions and the cash prizes will be provided after you have been selected to be a Hunnyball ambassador!


  • Play as much Hunnyball as you can!
  • Promote Hunnyball regularly on your preferred social media channels (must be public), and in person when you can
  • Be active and engaged on Hunnyball's official social media channels (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Organize your own Hunnyball tournaments
  • Share the game with friends, family, and others in your community