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We are excited to be able to bring Hunnyball to camps and schools everywhere. The early support has been awesome!

"Total Hit and kids of all ages can easily play. This has quickly become the most coveted game to play at our camp during our campers free time. There is easily a line of 15 kids waiting to play so we have had to change the rules and only allow campers to play up to 5 so others can also play. We have now had to set up our 2nd set as well to accommodate even more campers. Such a great game"
Review by Kevin K. on 14 Jul 2022 review stating Total Hit and kids of all ages can easiTTT

Kevin K.
FSA Sports Camps

Hunnyball is great for kids of all ages. It really is just a competitive game of catch, so an ability to catch and throw is all you need. This makes it easy for kids of all skill levels to join in. That said, the rules of the game, and the skill needed to play at a high level, leave a lot of room for improvement. So no one gets bored!

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