Hunnyball Complete Set

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The set includes everything you need to play:

  • Hunnyball board
  • 2 Hunnyball balls
  • 1 pump
  • Drawstring accessory bag
  • Boundaries (crease, baselines, & outfield incl.)
  • 2 straps (to hold the board closed when stored)
  • 1 kickstand stabilizer
  • The Carrying Bag is included

Young or old, beach or park - it doesn’t matter. A good game of Hunnyball will get you moving. Especially if you have a competitive side.

Made to play 2v2, but games go quickly, and even winners get tired. Find a good spot and entertain your group for hours. Try 3v3 if you are younger, or tire easily.

Setup takes two minutes. Just unfold the wings on the board, lay out the boundaries, and you're good to go.


How To Play

So you're here - but don't get it? This video will clear it up.

For full rules, see our how to play page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Ari Wasserman

One of the balls that came with the game has a leak. There are no instructions in the box.

Sam Hall
Better version of spike ball

So much fun and bigger, better version of spike ball.

Looks crazy fun but why so expensive

This looks like a blast but I feel like the price point is a little off, why is it so expensive?

Shannon Mack
Great game!

Added this to our collection of outdoor lawn games - we own spike all, paddlesmash, kan jam, ladder ball, cross net, cornhole, etc. This is definitely worthwhile - played with kids from 10-16 and adults, too. Be prepared to sweat! Just wish we had stakes included. Would be helpful to have a few clarifications on rules also!

Ross T
Love it

Took it to Fripp Island this summer and all our other beach games took a backseat. The kids played it for hours and the parents had fun too. Highly recommend.