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The set includes everything you need to play:

  • Hunnyball board
  • 2 Hunnyball balls
  • 1 pump
  • Drawstring accessory bag
  • Boundaries (crease, baselines, & outfield incl.)
  • 2 straps (to hold the board closed when stored)
  • 1 kickstand stabilizer
  • The Carrying Bag is now included!

Young or old, beach or park - it doesn’t matter. A good game of Hunnyball will get you moving. Especially if you have a competitive side.

Made to play 2v2, but games go quickly, and even winners get tired. Find a good spot and entertain your group for hours. Try 3v3 if you are younger, or tire easily.

Setup takes two minutes. Just unfold the wings on the board, lay out the boundaries, and you're good to go.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Loretta Schmid
Best beach game ever!

My adult sons saw this game being played on the beach and were invited to join in. They LOVED it, came home, and couldn’t stop talking about it. Of course, it was my next purchase. My sons, their wives and kids, ages 10 to 4, and even Pop Pop play Hunny Ball every chance they get. I have had some communication with the creators/owners of the business and have nothing but praise for their them and their organization. This was one of my best family gift purchases. Highly recommend Hunny Ball.

Jonathan Lambros
Great Game!

Received our HunnyBall set and put it right to use during the high school lunch break time. They are loving it! We have lines waiting to get into the game. So quick to set up and take down that it makes for more time for the students to play. We love it!

Shauna D.
Great Product

AGain, great product all around. Lightweight enough that only one person is needed to setup. Beautiful and classic.

Gail N.
Christmas Gift

Can’t wait til son sees what Santa brought!

Tyler G.
Fun beach game

Cool beach game to enjoy with friends and family. I like how it is able to support larger than a 2 v 2 game!