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Need help carrying your Hunnyball set? Give this bag a try.

SPACIOUS: Enough room to fit your Hunnyball board and all your Hunnyball accessories, with a bit of extra space left over.

EASY TO CARRY: The strap is big enough to fit comfortably over your shoulder, but small enough to hold in your hand. Perfect for those long walks on the beach you like so much.

Customer Reviews

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Christine Kennedy
Total fun

Got this game for my son's graduation party and everyone loved it. Having a big beach gathering and everyone is looking forward to playing it again.

Shauna D.
Great Product

Came across this gem at a conference - had to have one for our special events. We've played it a few times in the office already. Thank you for keeping it real with this fun game.

Nathaniel F.
Worth it.

Quality bag. Treat yo self. You won't regret it.

Doug B.
Good for now

I am a zipper junky and the bag is a nice at you keep the game all together I do like it but my kids or my staff at summer camp will kill the bag from the zipper it is a given. So first improvement would be beef up the zipper.